About Us

Some of the best things in life start small. Mary always had a passion for beautiful flowers and containers, and gardening was a wonderful hobby shared with family and friends, when not working as a physical therapist. A local landscaper noticed Mary’s work and asked if she would plant containers for some of his clients. What started that summer with 4 “encounters” lead to 40 customers, and the official business, The Windowbox Gardener.

Friends became partners. Gretchen and Mary met through their sons, who were in the same classroom. Gretchen was in the real estate and loved assisting Mary with container garden design. Friends officially became partners in 2015, and they both left their full time positions to dig in the dirt! Over the years, business continued to expand and the largest problem was not enough time in the day to reach clients that requested their service. 


That was the beginning of Porch Pots Direct. Despite having the amazing employees or “soil sisters” assisting them, too many customers were being turned away.  A decision was made to create a second business with pre-designed, planted containers, and deliver the pots directly to the customer. The customer chooses the pot color, size and seasonal design, and Flower Joy is Delivered to your home or business!

Thank you for supporting our female-owned, small business!