About Us

Some of the best things in life start small. In 2004, Mary Starnes was meeting with a group of ladies from her son’s preschool group and one of the ladies noticed the beautiful annual containers on Mary’s front porch. Mary has always had a passion for flowers. She asked Mary if she would plant her friend’s front porch pots, and Mary was happy to. Then a local landscaper noticed Mary’s work and asked if she could plant the containers for some of his clients. What started that summer with 4 “encounters” lead to 40 customers three summers later. The Windowbox Gardener was officially a real and growing business. Mary’s eye for beauty and artistic design, and her incredible customer service made for many referrals by happy customers. Mary realized that she needed help.

Friends became partners. Once again, it started with the kids! Gretchen and Mary had sons that were in the same class. Gretchen started helping Mary part time in between appointments for her real estate business. Gretchen found that her new passion was bringing joy to the Windowbox Gardener clients. Gretchen and Mary became official partners in the business in 2015. It was time to get serious for Mary. She officially quit her job as a physical therapist and “Lucy and Ethel”, as their employees call them, were born. Mary relished her gift as designer, chief sales person, and head of customer service.  Gretchen mastered the logistics of 15 part time employees, thousands of flowers, hundreds of deliveries and crazy weather.  The only problem was, there was just not enough time in the day to bring flower joy to all of the clients that wanted their service. 


Porch Pots Direct Mary and Gretchen


That was the beginning of Porch Pots Direct. Despite having the 15 “soil sisters” assisting them, there are only so many days in a season and too many customers being turned away. There had to be a way for more people to enjoy their beautiful flowers. It occurred to the ladies that there was a ton of wasted time being spent driving to job sites. What if they could plant containers at the greenhouse and deliver them to clients? More people could be reached, and we would not be so broken hearted.  Now our ladies plant beautiful containers in commercial grade pots, and we deliver the flower joy right to your doorstep!