Flower Joy Delivered Every Season!

Receive your selected, arranged, seasonal porch pot, delivered to your door. We make it simple: 

  • Choose your style
  • Choose your size
  • Choose your porch pot color 
  • Choose a subscription to save 20% on Porch Pots or 5% on Drop In's
  • Receive your porch pot for every season
  • An email will be sent to remind you to choose your style for the upcoming season
  • Your porch pot subscription will consist of 4 porch pot deliveries per year,  spring, summer, fall & winter. This will be one default subscription that will put your porch pots on auto pilot. You will receive an email reminder to choose your style from our collections for the next upcoming season. You also may change the selection for the season. If you forget to choose, a beautiful selection will be chosen for you.
  • Log In to manage your subscription (located under your name) 
  • Choose products in your subscription
  • Click on swap product to choose your style for the following season
  • Payment: prior to your delivery, your credit card will be charged. If you haven't chosen your look prior to delivery, we will bring you a beautiful, seasonal selection. All containers will be placed at the front door or driveway area only, no exceptions. We do this to protect our delivery drivers who may be asked to enter backyards where pets may not be friendly or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Previous subscriber? Please leave the past season's pot at the front of your home or business for the exchange and we will remove it when we bring the new seasonal planter.
  • Choose products in your subscription
  • Click on swap product to choose your style for the following season
CREATE A NEW SUBSCRIPTION,  click here , go to New Customer? Sign up, and save 20% off the regular price of our porch pots or 5% off the regular price of our drop in's (drop in your own pot)



  • Use the email you used during your checkout process. Once you create a password associated with your email, you’ll be able to update your card info, delivery info, and cancel your subscription at any time once the minimum of your four season subscription have been met.
  • Once in the subscription, click on "Products in your Subscription" 
  • Click on "Swap Products" 
  • At this point, you will see the 3 varieties for the season 
  • If you want to change the selection, click on "Select" and follow the prompts.
Please email us at with any questions about your recurring orders. We are happy to assist.