Fall Watering Instructions:

Water every other day with a slow, good soaking, if high temps in the 70's

As the temperatures cool, you will not need to water as much, but if in the 80's, water every day. Check your pots even when we get rain, as the rain will run off large leaves of fall plants.

The fall product has denser roots, so it takes longer for the water to soak in and absorb. Lift cabbage and kale leaves to reach the soil and water the edges. 

Please note: Once temperatures fall into the 60's, you may water every other to third day however, on windy days the pots will dry out quicker than normal, so water more frequently. 










Spring Watering Instructions:

The cooler spring temperatures will allow you to water every other day, to every third day, but check your pots to make sure they are hydrated.

Do not depend on the “spring showers” to water your containers- a good soil soaking is always best. The spring plants are made to withstand cold temps and even snow. However, a hard frost may do some damage.  We recommend a light frost cloth or sheet if the weather is calling for a hard frost warning or below 30 degrees. Please do not use plastic or hard coverings on your pots. 

If temperatures are above 70, please water well every other day. 



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Winter Water Instructions:

Happy Holidays and thank you for your Porch Pots Direct purchase! We hope you enjoy your fresh cut, arranged greens! Your beautiful container needs you in order to thrive!

After initial watering, the winter evergreens are very low maintenance. 

Check them weekly - they need to be hydrated naturally by rain/snow OR by you watering to stay fresh (so they do not dry out). There is no need to water when the temperatures are below freezing. If above 45, please check more often.





Summer watering instructions:

For your porch pot to be successful all summer long, you must water regularly and soak them well when above 80 degrees 

Frequency of watering is dependent on daily temperatures: 

80 degrees + - requires daily watering (slowly soak, wait, and soak again during high temp days. Morning watering is ideal, but watering in general is key. Shade plants will need less watering, but still check.)

60-70 degrees - water every other day


Water containers thoroughly, getting all edges of the pot as well as the center. Even when we get rain, be sure to check your containers to see that they received proper hydration.